Measure For Measure at TFANA


#frontmezzjunkies has posted a new review: #MeasureForMeasure

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Measure for Measure: No Harsh Judgements for the Funny Fallible Human
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#Afterglow #davenporttheatre
Afterglow: You Can’t Always Get What (the Heart) Wants. 
#MyEyesWentDark @59E59 #BritsOffBroadway @Traversetheatre
My Eyes Went Dark: From Grief and Unleashed Revenge
#JuliusCaesar @PublicTheaterNY #shakespeareinthepark 

Julius Caesar: Foolish Protesters Need To Read The Play
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Invincible: The Exciting Secrets of the Neighbors.
#TheGovernmentInspector @RedBullTheater transferring to the @NewWorldStages
The Government Inspector: Far More Than Just Three Stooges in Russia.
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